Code of Conduct

The Multiaços Group, concerned with ethical conduct, establishes guidelines to assure moral practices in the external and internal environments. The principles cover business, labor relations, environmental responsibility, health and safety.

Business Principles - Anti-Corruption Policy

Unethical business practices and undue payments are forbidden, as well as offer, promise, authorize or pay any amount that characterizes extortion, or bribery to any person and / or entity engaged in the supply chain.

Legal compliance

Multiaços maintains its commitment to comply with legal and regulatory requirements related to labor relations, safety, health and the environment responsibility.
It is the responsibility of all Multiaços employees to comply with the legal requirements and restrictions applicable to their duties.

Human and Workers’ Rights

The fundamental human rights are respected through the equal treatment of Multiaços employees, regardless of gender, race, national origin, social condition, sexual orientation, skin color, disability, political and religious beliefs. Inappropriate treatments such as coercive, abusive or exploitative relations and physical contacts are forbideen.

Security, Health and Enviroment

Multiaços promotes preventive actions focused on safety, workers' health and the environment responsibility, assuring the physical well being of people and preventing pollution of the environment.

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